Are you ready for a different approach to a healthy lifestyle?

FX wants to help you with activities that will offer lasting life effects. We focus on sustainable wellness for life. There is a balance - no need for extremes in either direction.

What makes us different from other fitness facilities is that we focus on not just what you do, but how you do it. We want to make sure that each time you reach for a piece of exercise equipment or take a class, you are doing things just right. That is why our personal trainers are there to monitor you and why our class sizes are small and intimate. We are there to ensure your form is correct so you get the full benefit of every activity that you do. In short, you are not a number: you, your success and safety are paramount to us. A unique concept? Yes. But one that guarantees your results.

All new guests of our fitness centers will go through an in-depth consultation along with movement and posture evaluations.