FX Studios Spa Massage Therapy

Your escape is our pleasure. From the thick terry robes and relaxing tranquility rooms, to the soothing private treatment studio, you will feel wrapped in luxury at the FX Studios Spa. All of our massages run a full hour – not 50 to 55 minutes. The extended massage is a full blissful 90 minutes.

The Great Escape Pass

Join our premier Spa Wellness Program for a monthly fee of $70.00. Each month you may choose either a Custom Massage, Relaxation Facial, Glycolic Peel or Acupuncture session. You also receive a complimentary month Studio membership, one Personal Training session and additional discounts on upgraded spa services.

Custom Massage - from $90

Our full-body custom massage is tailored to your needs. Your massage therapists will blend various techniques such as swedish, myofacial and deep muscle work to help relieve muscle tension, increase circulation and range of motion while promoting relaxation.
Additional 30 minute Custom Massage $35

Hot Stone Massage - from $100

While placing smooth, heated basalt stones on specific acupressure points on your body, we melt away knots, tensions and stress. You will receive a full body massage incorporating the hot stones as well. This experience promotes harmony, balance and peace.
Additional 30 minute Hot Stone Massage $35

Thai Massage - from $95

Experience the 2,500 year old healing therapy that combines assisted stretching,range of motion and acupressure to balance the physical body, energy and nervous systems. Expect to experience increased relaxation, joint mobility, increased circulation,and improved postural alignment. Thai Massage can help to alleviate common conditions such as back and shoulder pain, sciatica and headaches, just to name a few.

Great Expectations Pregnancy Massage - from $100

Rest and revitalize as your body is soothed and pampered. This massage is designed to answer your developing needs and uses various techniques to give you the nurturing treatment you both deserve.
Additional 30 minute Pregnancy Massage $35

Reflexology Session - from $90

Our therapist focuses on specific reflex points in the feet, hands and ears and incorporates general relaxation and body work. These points correlate with individual organs and parts of the body. Activating these reflexes can help improve circulation and promote relaxation.

Mini Massage (30 Minutes) - from $50

Spa and Salon Etiquette
Please arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to your Spa service. Each appointment is precisely timed and a late arrival may cause a modification of your service. In order to honor the next scheduled appointment, your service will end at the scheduled time.