The Crazy Top Eleven

The Top Eleven clues that it might be time to begin an exercise regimen.

By Jonah Taylor

Need to exercise and lose weight

So you have been thinking on it for some time now.  Should I start exercising?  Do I need a personal trainer?  It usually comes down to a series of personal questions that one might need to ask themselves i.e. time, money, dedication etc.  But just in case you’re still indecisive on the subject, you know you need a workout regimen….

  1. When you have no clue of the difference between protein and carbohydrates.
  2. When you overhear someone thinner than you complain that they’re too fat.
  3. When you realize you are a great source of shade for others to enjoy.
  4. Whenever a teeter totter should look fun.  (trust me, you do not want to be the heavy end.)
  5. Because less leg = less time shaving legs; Less face = less time shaving faces (or something like that).
  6. Because being tickled isn’t so bad when you’re not worried about flab being touched.
  7. When you notice that as you use an umbrella due to rain, the only thing wet is your belly.
  8. Because Pauly D from the Jersey Shore told you to do so.
  9. Just in case you ever find yourself getting attacked by a wild puma. (You will need good cardio-vascularity.)
  10. You rely heavily on your personal trainer because they keep count.
  11. Because when was the last time you ever tried climbing into a boat?

So there you have it folks, in case you found yourself debating on whether or not to begin working out, the top eleven reasons to get started with your fitness regimen as soon as possible.  Some of these are hypothetical and may not apply to everyone; others are real life situations that we must all be aware of, case in point, getting attacked by a wild puma.  Like I said, real life stuff.

Jonah Taylor,

CPT, FX Studios.





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