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What Massage is for ME?

What type of massage do I want?

There are many types of massages. Together, you and your massage therapist will determine which one would be best for you. Whether you are stressed, experiencing pain, have knots in your shoulders, or would just prefer to relax, there’s a massage for YOU! During our consultation we will customize your experience to your needs. All types of massages are helpful even pampering ones, but a little education can go a long way when preparing for your massage.

What types of massages are there?

No matter what your ailment is, there’s a massage for it.

  • Swedish Massage is a relaxing massage consisting of long flowing strokes designed to sedate the muscles and bring circulation to the area worked.  This in turn promotes a faster healing process.
  • Deep Tissue Massage is using the same strokes as Swedish but utilizing more pressure and different tools, such as soft fist, forearm, and elbows. Deep Tissue loosens up tense muscles, breaks up adhesions, and has a deep long lasting effect.
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy is the use of multiple holds to clear cerebral spinal fluid dysfunction.  This is great for deep relaxation and issues such as frequent headaches or constant stress.
  • Structural Integration is the process of aligning the soft tissue adhering to fascia by using various deep strokes and corrective exercises which are designed to lengthen the connective tissue and put your body into proper alignment.
  • Reflexology is a technique used predominantly on the feet and hands. It is based off of the principle that there are many different points in the hands and feet that can affect other areas of the body. This is great for relaxation and for people who have reasons for not wanting to be touched in a certain area.

How do I decide what massage is best for me?

Luckily for you that’s not entirely your responsibility. Just simply tell your massage therapist the problems you are experiencing, and they will recommend a combination of massage types that work best for you based on your likes, dislikes, what experiences you have had in the past, how much pressure you like, any recent or chronic issues, etc. It’s all about customizing your experience and it is our privilege to guide you in the right direction.

Please keep in mind that this is a basic list of the various types of massage available. To find receive additional information about these services or any of the other specialty massages offered at FX please call (410) 771-1500 or email us at


Calling All First Timers!

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A first experience at anything can be overwhelming and stressful and a massage is certainly no exception to the rule.  There are several excuses that keep someone from experiencing a massage and I’m here to put them to rest.  If you’ve never had a massage, then these common concerns are for you.

“I don’t want a stranger to see me naked!”

Good news- draping in the state of Maryland is mandatory! Other areas of the world are not as modest.  I’ve heard several stories of those who have gone to receive a massage at a resort in a foreign country where this is not the case and I’m sure you all have too.  Rest assure that when you receive a massage at FX Studios, you are completely covered by a sheet.  Your therapist will uncover each area of the body as he/she massages it.  And yes, your therapist will step out of the room for you to undress as well.  It is also important to keep in mind that you only have to undress to your comfort level.

“I don’t want it to hurt.”

Another common myth of massage is that you will be in a great deal of pain during or after the session.  This is absolutely FALSE!The morning after a massage, the most you should feel is a slight soreness.  I compare this feeling to the way you may feel after a good workout.  This is actually a good thing and means that your therapist has done a good job at breaking up lactic acid and tension areas.  A lot of this can be minimized by drinking plenty of fluids and stretching, which will in turn maximize the benefits of your session.  If you’re in pain during the massage, SPEAK UP and let your therapist know. This leads me to my next point, so keep reading!

“I’m afraid to speak up and bother the massage therapist during the session.”

Communication is really important during massage therapy.  I often tell my clients before the session to let me know if they need less pressure, more pressure, or want more time spent on a certain area.  If you have had a kink in your neck for 3 months and your therapist is hitting the spot, let them know.  It is perfectly acceptable to say, “The way you are working my neck feels incredible. Do you think you could spend an extra 5 minutes on that area?” On the contrary, if it feels like your massage therapist is 3 inches deep into your lower back and you’re cringing on the table, simply ask them to lighten up.  Your muscles respond better to bodywork if your body is relaxed, so if you are in any kind of discomfort, it is important to speak up.  Let’s be honest, massage can be an investment and frankly we don’t always make time for ourselves.  There is a lot to be said about having 60 or 90 minutes to yourself.  So, if you want that extra pillow, glass of water, extra pressure, etc., let it be heard!

“What if I fall asleep?”

I’m going to keep this one simple.  Sleeping, and yes, even snoring is acceptable and I assure you, we have heard and seen it all. So,kick back, relax, and take a nap if you need to. No need to be embarrassed! Even if you feel like you’re missing out on part of the experience by dozing off, you will still feel like a million bucks when you leave.

“Can I talk to my therapist?”

The answer to this is YES. I often get asked how long I’ve been practicing massage therapy or if I have any specialties. I can really appreciate this because my clients are trusting me with their body.  Especially if you’re looking to make massage therapy more frequent in your life, you have the right to interview your massage therapist and see what they have to offer.  I’ve even had clients confide in me about relationships and experiences and share a laugh here and there.  Again, it is your hour and you are free to spend it how you like. Please note that all therapists at FX Studios maintain the highest level of confidentiality regarding client issues and anything discussed during the session.

Now that all of your worries have been laid to rest, call and make an appointment.  You really don’t know what you’ve been missing!

To schedule your appointment or to receive additional information please call FX Studios at (410) 771-1500 or email at


Hot Stone Massage Therapy

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Hot Stone Massage WomanBored with your normal Swedish or Deep Tissue massage?  Or perhaps you just want to try something new.  Imagine being overcome with warmth while feeling your muscle tension melt away into the table during your next session.  Sounds heavenly, right?  I’m talking about Hot Stone massage therapy.  We’ve all heard of a Hot Stone massage at some point in our lives but what is it and how can it benefit us?  Keep in mind that just like any other massage, Massage Therapists can perform Hot Stone therapy sessions differently; nonetheless, the benefits are all the same.  Here are just a few benefits of a hot stone therapy massage:

1. Relax, relax, relax!

It can be nerve racking being in a quiet room with a [sometimes] stranger, let alone trusting him/her with your body.  While most people relax after a few minutes, sometimes it takes awhile to fully let go and take your mind to a different place.  This is where the hot stones come in.  Besides the overall warmth they provide for those who seem to always be cold or just love a hot bath, hot stones physiologically relax you.  Because heat vasodilates (expands) our blood vessels, cardiac activity slows down, decreasing the amount of blood pumped per beat.  This results in slower breathing and alas, RELAXATION! And yes, Hot Stone therapy can reduce blood pressure, but is not recommended for those who have irregular blood pressure or recovering from a heart attack.

2. Hot Stone therapy can increase the effects of your other favorite massage modalities.

Hot StonesWe’ve all had those days where we’ve ran too fast or lifted too hard and ended up being attached to an ice pack for the night.  Ice can be your best friend because it seems to numb your pain.  While I do not recommend Hot Stone massage within 72 hours of an injury due to possible inflammation, it is important to remember that applying heat can act as a temporary analgesic as well.  Application of heat to your muscles sedates your nerve endings, easing any tension or pain.  As a result, muscles become relaxed and ready for body work.  If you aren’t a big fan of Deep Tissue massage, but feel like a simple relaxing Swedish massage isn’t cutting it for you, then try a Hot Stone massage immediately! Heat makes deeper pressure much more pleasant and sometimes even unnoticeable.  The longer the application of heat, the deeper the penetration to muscle tissue/joints.  Penetration can reach up to 1.4 inches into a superficial layer of muscle.  Swedish, Myofacial Release, and Trigger Point therapies can also be more effective with the use of hot stones as well.

3. Increased metabolic rate.

Hot Stone MaleFor every 34oF rise in internal temperature, metabolism increases by 7-14%.  Hot stones run between 130o-140oF, so they very much have the ability to increase internal temperature after 60-90 minutes of body work.  In fact, prolonged application of heat can artificially create a fever, which stimulates detoxification and waste removal.  An increase in metabolic rate can also bring more nutrients to cells.  Simply put, heat brings blood, blood brings oxygen, and oxygen promotes healing.

There are many more benefits to Hot Stone massage therapy. It truly has something to offer everyone.  It is worth trying at least once if not more often!

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